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Swedish iGaming regulator fines William Hill subordinates
Updated:2024-06-18 17:26    Views:77

In Sweden and the Spelinspektionen gaming regulator has hit William Hill subordinates Evoke Gaming Limited and Mr Green Limited with fines totalling about $147,700 following a series of reporting shortcomings.

The authority used an official Friday press release to declare that it has penalized Evoke Gaming Limited to the tune of about $45,853 while ordering Mr Green Limited to hand over slightly over $101,884 after the online casino and sportsbetting operators were found to have ‘breached their reporting obligations’.

Persistent deficiencies:

The Spelinspektionen explained that Mr Green Limited is licensed to supply online casino and sportsbetting entertainment to Swedish punters via the domain at while Evoke Gaming Limited is analogously certified for the sites at,,,, and The regulator stated that both of these entities ‘have for a long time had shortcomings in their reporting’ and had moreover submitted information in the past that ‘subsequently proved to be incorrect.’

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“Anyone who has received a Swedish gaming license is covered by the Spelinspektionen’s regulations and general guidelines on gaming responsibility and must each year report certain information regarding gaming responsibility.”

Operator obligation:

All licensed iGaming operators in Sweden are obliged to hand over required information concerning their half-year market-specific earnings while Evoke Gaming Limited and Mr Green Limited were found to have failed this requirement citing technical difficulties. This led the Spelinspektionen to begin directly supervising the pair from September before some of the required data was handed over in December.

Distinct discrepancies:

Nevertheless, the regulator proclaimed that a portion of these materials ‘on several points differed from the information that the company had previously reported’. The Spelinspektionen disclosed that one such instance had involved ambiguity over whether the operators had counted a customer reaching their deposit limit on a trio of separate occasions as one instance or three.

Cover castigation:

To make matters worse and the Spelinspektionen noted that Evoke Gaming Limited and Mr Green Limited had additionally responded to a two-part questionnaire by reporting their combined totals rather than listing two separate amounts. The regulator then chastised the pair’s assertion that it had again been ‘technically impossible’ to submit distinct sums by describing this pretext as ‘not excusable’.

Read a statement from the Spelinspektionen…

“Both companies have now implemented technical solutions to report the information required by the regulations and there is no indication that the infringement will be repeated. They have nevertheless breached their obligations under the regulations for a significantly long time. A breach of the requirements of the regulations cannot be excusable or considered to constitute a minor violation. Against this background, the Spelinspektionen considers that a remark combined with a penalty fee is a sufficient intervention for each company.”