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LeoVegas adds new safe gambling messaging in Denmark and Sweden
Updated:2024-06-18 17:15    Views:105

Last year, the LeoVegas Group decided to offer new personalized messaging on its website for customers based in the United Kingdom. The goal was to educate consumers about safer gambling tools and how they can enjoy entertainment in a responsible manner. The operator has now launched the same messaging option in Denmark and Sweden.

Creating a Safe Gambling Environment

The messages are used by LeoVegas to provide consumers with information on tools they can use via the websites to enjoy responsible gaming. The initiative is part of the safer gambling strategy of LeoVegas and is said to help develop more sustainable customer relationships.

Data from the UK launch showed that the messaging has led to more usage of safer gambling tools. Deposit limits are being maintained or lower and the effects are greater for those who are identified as being at risk for developing a harmful behavior connected to gambling.

CEO of LeoVegas Group, Gustaf Hagman, commented on the new launch by stating:

“We are thrilled that our on-site messaging has proven successful in the UK – not only in driving engagement with our safer gambling tools but also by having a positive effect on customer behavior and helping to drive forward our quest for more sustainable customer relationships. By rolling this feature in Sweden and Denmark, we will continue to make gambling at LeoVegas Group even safer.”

Artificial Intelligence Component

LeoVegas Group uses an artificial intelligence component to identify customers who are at risk of developing a harmful gambling habit. Details are then provided as to what safer gambling tools can be used to fix the issue. The operator provides encouragement as well to help players set limits for gambling via personalized messaging.

The product is so advanced that it can determine the need for support per player, changing the content and urgency of messaging based on the individual. The messages are placed in prominent areas of the game pages so that players can see them clearly. The messages show up in spaces that are usually spots for promotional material or new games.

The new messaging option can be seen at LeoVeags, GoGo Casino, and Expekt brands for players in Denmark and Sweden. The messaging service was already live in all areas of the United Kingdom and LeoVegas Group has plans to offer the product in other markets in the future, with an overall goal of helping players stay safe while enjoying online gambling services.