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TVBET adds poker services in Poland
Updated:2024-06-18 17:46    Views:201

TVBET is a top-rated B2B provider of gaming content that just recently announced a launch of poker products in Poland. The company has adapted its default version of poker for the Polish market so players have access to quality gaming and TVBET can strengthen its position across Europe. Several operators in Poland already have access to TVBET giving players options for poker gaming.

More about TVBET

TVBET has built a foundation in the gaming industry as a provider of lottery and live casino games based on betting software featuring unique odds. Online and land-based operators have access to TVBET’s content. In 2022, the company decided it was time to focus on its existing products and make them better for its audience, plus localizing separate gaming options.

With Polish Poker, TVBET offers a localized version of its live poker product. Operators such as Betclic, LVBet, Forbet, Fuksiarz, Superbet, and Noblebet all have access to the updated game. The poker game operates exactly the same as the default poker title from TVBET. The content was simply adapted to meet the needs of players in this area of the world.

However, one difference is the interface. The developer changed the interface to fit the needs of players from Poland. The poker studio was designed to reflect a fun sports bar with elements that Polish gamers will recognize including soccer balls and football jerseys.

How to Play Polish Poker

The rules of Polish Poker are the same as Texas Hold’em. Any players familiar with the hold’em game will have no trouble playing Polish Poker. One deck is used in the game, consisting of 52 cards. The goal of the player is to earn the strongest combination when compared to other players.

While playing, poker enthusiasts can also place a bet on the win of one of the participating hands or the winning combinations. It’s a unique element that allows Polish Poker to stand out among other traditional poker games.

To play, residents of Poland simply need to visit an operator that is offering the title, such as those mentioned above. The new poker game is just one example of how the brand is changing up its existing content to offer players exciting games in other areas of the world.

It will be interesting to see where the brand heads to next by way of its content and how it is received by those taking part in the gaming options.